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"I was contacted by Roxane, regarding a vacancy with Optum BriovaRx. In the past, my experience in working with recruiters was not all that pleasant, or memorable. However, I quickly got the sense that Roxane was different. Rather than feeling like a commodity, I felt that Roxane took the time to understand what I was looking for in my next role. She also really understood the company and role that she was working to fill.


Roxane was great throughout the entire process. She took the time to get answers to my questions, address my concerns, and offer insight. Roxane’s communication was spot on, and her intuition strong. It was a pleasure to work with Roxane and Cygnet."

— Emily Spende,

Account Manager and Field Sales Trainer for Optum Infusion Pharmacy (UnitedHealth Group)

"If you're an individual searching for a position or a company looking for employees, I highly recommend Roxane and her team. She sees great potential in candidates and places them on a career path. She weighs out the pros and cons to make sure the job is right for you. Her honesty and professionalism made my transition easy. I am very thankful to have that experience to work with her. Thank you for following through and staying in touch every step of the way!"

— Anson Wong, 

Director of Hospice Services at HealthFlex Home Health & Hospice

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"Roxane is detail oriented and truly cares about no only placing for organizations but insuring it is a fit for the candidate as well. This type of synergy and focus on behalf of Roxane has lead me on the most satisfying career path I have ever experienced. I highly recommend her for job seekers and organizations looking for career-minded, quality individuals."

— Trent Broderick Smith, 

District Manager Institutional Sales - West Region at Viatris and Cygnet Health Recruiters client


“Cygnet Health Recruiters is my go-to anytime I am looking to recruit. They are knowledgeable, professional and most of all persistent. I highly recommend Cygnet for any company looking to find a recruitment firm with the best candidates.”

— Janna Jones,

Vice President of Strategic Partnerships, Specialty and Infusion Pharmacy for Optum Infusion Pharmacy (UnitedHealth Group))and Cygnet Health Recruiters client

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