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For Employers

Cygnet helps large and small organizations nationwide reach their hiring and retention goals. We offer customized sourcing solutions to fit any budget. Cygnet focuses on recruiting for Executive level, Clinical Leadership, Sales, Sales Management, and Operations roles. Because the right people, in the right roles, on the right team can change the world. 


Tired of working with firms who send you sub-par candidates? At Cygnet Health Recruiters we pre-qualify all of our candidates to make sure they are the right fit.


Trouble retaining top talent? There is a hidden cost to turnover. Contact Cygnet Health Recruiters to learn more about how we can find the right match for your opening. We specialize in post-acute services and specialty pharmacy. 

We have over 30 years of experience placing top talent within organizations across the country. Contact Cygnet Health Recruiters for your permanent placement needs.

We'll work alongside your hiring team to create a custom recruiting and hiring strategy that might include any or all of the following: 


  • Reviewing job descriptions 

  • Discussion with the hiring manager to understand local culture and market influences 

  • Employment branding 

  • Recruitment planning and strategy 

  • Creative campaigns: print, telerecruiting, e-cards, events, and more 


  • Compilation of candidate profiles that fit the needs of the job 

  • Behavior interviewing that is custom-tailored to the position in question 

  • Pre-screening candidates

  • Coordinating interviews with the hiring manager or running candidate interviews 

  • Reference checks 


  • ​​Making the verbal offer 

  • Following up with the hired employee in the first 90 days to learn how their experience has been ​​

  • We go the extra mile to insure the new employee has a successful on-boarding experience and provide on-going support the first 90 days


Executive Search requires the utmost in discretion and confidentiality.

1. Our first step is to work with your hiring team to create a job success profile that identifies specific skills and experience required.

2. Cygnet combines passive and proactive strategies to make certain we compile the most comprehensive list of qualified candidates.

3. Using our proprietary search methods, we surface both active and passive candidates. It is our experience that the best possible candidates are currently employed and not looking.

4. We have a multi-step process to thoroughly interview and vet candidates before submitting them to you.

5. As an optional service, our team can advise and negotiate the offer and complete reference checks.

6. We continue our relationship through the onboarding period and offer a 90-day guarantee for most roles. 

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