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Land the Job You Love

As someone working in healthcare, you may have felt the notorious burnout due to the Great Resignation. You may have even started scanning LinkedIn job postings just to see what’s out there. But you don’t want to leave your job to land in another position identical to what you are doing at a company similar to your current employer. So what do you do?

Connect with a Talent Recruiter

One of the best ways for you to find your dream job is to connect with a recruitment agency. In the healthcare field, it can be difficult navigating the overwhelming demand from companies for top talent – your skills are in high demand, and everyone will be putting on their best show to win you over. But you don’t want to be wooed by glitz and glamor to end up punching the clock every day. You want a job where your talents are allowed to shine, your passions are given space to thrive, and your values align with the company mission. Cygnet Health Recruiters understands this need and can help you find the perfect position!

Cygnet Sees Potential in Candidates

At Cygnet, our mission is to help companies see what it is about you that makes you stand out among the rest. You are a valuable asset to companies, but sometimes you just need some help finding the right position. We will help match you up with the right companies and jobs, so you don’t have to go through the stress of 15 or more interviews with the wrong places before you find the right one.

“If you're an individual searching for a position or a company looking for employees, I highly recommend Cygnet Health Recruiter. They see great potential in candidates and place them on a career path. Cygnet weighs out the pros and cons to make sure the job is right for you. Their honesty and professionalism made my transition easy. I am very thankful to have that experience to work with them. Thank you for following through and staying in touch every step of the way!”

– Anson Wong, Director of Hospice Services at Affinity Hospice Care

Cygnet Understands the Recruitment Process

At Cygnet Health Recruiters, we know both sides of the recruitment process. This makes us uniquely situated to help candidates find jobs that are the perfect fit for them and the company. Our mission is to ensure that talented candidates like yourself get put in front of the companies that will benefit the most from your skills.

“I have worked with Roxane over the past 6 years as someone she recruited and also as an outside recruiter for my company. She is hands down my go-to anytime I am looking to recruit. Extremely knowledgeable, professional and most of all persistent. I would highly recommend her for any company looking to find the best candidates for a position or any individual looking to advance in their career.”

– Janna Jones, Vice President of Strategy and Business Development at Mineral Health Insurance


Reach Out and Get Hired!

If you are looking to make a change in your career but you don’t want to deal with mindlessly scrolling through job postings, Cygnet Health Recruiters is the solution you have been looking for! Reach out today, and we will get you started on the journey of finding a job that you will love!

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