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A Health Care Recruiter You Can Trust

As a hiring manager or company leader, you will find yourself in a position where you need to fill an empty role – and fast! The longer a job is left open, the more it will cost your company in efficiency, sales, and morale.

Utilizing a Talent Recruiter Reduces Time to Fill

Whether you are a busy CEO or a hiring manager struggling to find the best talent for a job, a talent recruiter will help you find the perfect person for the job you need to be filled. With vast talent networks and only one goal (find the best candidates for your company), using an outside recruitment agency will reduce the stress of combing through a million resumes.

“Cygnet Health Recruiters Helped me Build my Team”

As a healthcare recruiting agency, we at Cygnet will find you the perfect person to fill any healthcare role you need. But don’t take our word for it!

Here is what one of our clients has to say

“I manage a team of 7-8 regional account managers, and when I am down a team member, it truly makes an impact. I reached out to Cygnet as an extreme alert recruiter when I felt I needed more than I was receiving from my interval recruiting team. Cygnet not only brought the level of talent and skill set that I was seeking, but they actually made the entire process enjoyable. Cygnet brings a level of passion to the job that many do not, and they really care about the client. Their ability to recognize and seek talent is top-notch, and they truly helped me build my team in a way I’m excited about. If you need an all-star team in a fast, stress-free way- Cygnet is your recruiter!”

Cygnet Health Recruiters will make sure we find you the best talent for your team and help you enjoy the process!

“Cygnet has Great Skill in Matching Talent to Opportunity”

Recruiting is more than simply finding a body to put in a position. At Cygnet Health Recruiters, we believe in finding candidates who will truly thrive in the position you need them in and as a member of your company.

To our clients, we have done exactly that:

“Cygnet has great skill in matching talent to opportunity. The company has developed recruitment strategies to fill clinical positions across the country. Cygnet’s recruiters’ assessment of a candidate's potential is targeted and accurate. They have successfully placed leadership, sales, and clinical associate candidates for me in Home Health, Hospice, Physician Practice, and other settings. Cygnet Health Recruiters is distinguished among recruitment agencies – second to none!"

Let us Help!

Whether you have an urgent position that you need to be filled, are looking for long-term hiring help, or are looking for a new role in healthcare - Cygnet has your back! Reach out today and see how we can help!

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